About shipping setting with two different shipping speed/methods

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My name is Rachael Kado. I recently learned how to set up 2 different shipping methods using "Manage profiles" in shipping setting. One is Canada post and Other one is from print on demand.

My problem is that my customers cannot see how long their shipping takes when they buy items from two different shipping profiles. It only shows "Shipping". Because those 2 shipping profiles I use are two different delivery speed, we need to show the detail of both for easy user experience.

One is 4~7 days with insured and tracked, the second one take 15~28 days with standard shipping. 

Can you please tell me how to fix this problem? 

Thank you,

Rachael Kado

ps. I attached 3 screenshots. The first 2 images show our 2 different shipping speed & the last one is when customers buy items from different shipping profiles.

pillowprofits app (standard delivery 15~28 business days)pillowprofits app (standard delivery 15~28 business days)4~7 days insured and tracked4~7 days insured and trackedi don't see any delivery type...i don't see any delivery type...

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