Accept % or Fixed amount Deposit on Draft Order

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Hi Team,


My company provides custom design items and each item may not be the same price.

To manufacture the item it sometimes takes 4-6 weeks.

I need the option to be able to take a 50% deposit from my customer.


I have seen a number of other threads requiring this.

You have allowed payment terms recently which allows a customer to pay at a later date.

Adjusting this option to add a line to add additional payment terms / multiple payment terms would be fantastic.

For example see photos

Add Payment ScheduleAdd Payment ScheduleRequest DepositRequest DepositExample of 50%Example of 50%

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I second this request! Please?

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PLEASE!!!! We NEED this!!!! Is anyone at Shopify working on this? We keep getting tripped up when trying to deal with deposits. We do large jobs with companies that expect to see an invoice and then a follow up invoice with the balance due and showing the initial deposit paid. This is getting hard to track and deal with. Seems like an obvious feature many businesses would need?

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Why is this such an issue?  PLEASE @Shopify make it possible to accept a deposit in draft orders!! Why are you n to listening to your customers?