Accept partial payments for draft or manual orders

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Hi everyone,


This is not a question, but a solution to something that I struggled with last year.  I posted this solution to another large thread, but I want to repost here, as multiple people have told me that it is very helpful for them, and Shopify has not yet solved this.


This is my workaround for accepting partial payments for our 50% advance, 50% net 30 wholesale payment terms.  It is a bit lengthy, but it is free and once you get used to it, actually pretty quick.  Hope it helps:


1. Create draft order 

2. Check Payment due later

3.  Select due on receipt

4.  Open up POS on mobile device

5.  Go to Orders

6.  Select Online

7.  Select the created order

8.  Split payment

9.  Collect initial amount of payment

10.  Go back into the backend dashboard, where the order now shows partially paid

11.  Edit the payment due date to what you would like it to be for the remaining payment

12.  Collect payment at a later date either through the backend dashboard or POS

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Just a warning for this brand new functionality - 
The Invoice for normal orders do not have Express checkout methods or even Shop Pay or Installments as an option (even though draft order invoices do).

Sometimes the order invoices will send the customer the the main website, instead of their checkout.

The items will be reserved, which isn't a bad thing! But the orders will not become auto-canceled after they are overdue or ever, they have to be manually managed.

Since, more than likely, you will be using a custom payment type for these payments, beware as these are not able be hidden in draft order invoices at the moment, so you cannot send invoices from draft orders without risking a customer selecting a payment type that is not valid for their use.


We're using this functionality, and it's really great to have, just wish these issues would be addressed and want people to be aware before they switch to this functionality.