Accept Partial payments on Draft orders or Manual orders

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I know you can accept multiple partial payments on Shopify POS which is very useful in my business but i would like this same function when doing draft orders or manual orders. I would like to email my customer the draft order and accept a "deposit" or a "down payment" on an order. Currently Square Invoice and PayPal Invoice offer this useful feature, where you can determine what is the initial minimal payment amount ( example 50% deposit) and after the customer either pick up or we deliver the order the customer pays the remaining amount. With square Invoice you can even set up a schedule of payments similar like a subscription but with a defined dates and last payment date. Also with 3D Cart you can record partial payments on offline or manual orders. 


When will we be able to accept or record partial payments on draft or manual orders on Shopify?


Thank you 

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This is an accepted solution.

Thank you so much for all of this information to help clarify what you're needing. 


Based on what you're saying the option that would work best for you is to use the Draft Order feature and split the payments up that way. I know it isn't as intuitive as you'd like, but it will cut out the steps of using square and copying the information over. 


If you have your customer's contact information you can send them an invoice directly from the draft order so that they can pay there, the money is tracked and inventory is adjusted appropriately. The invoice won't have any information from the previous payment invoice, but you can add that information in the notes. 


From the options available in association with what you need I think this would be the best option for you. 

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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Yup, new colors and some new icons we didn't need.   

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I saw the update & hoped. And was then let down. Still no partial pay option. 

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We need this too!


There are a few 'user-friendly' features that would be very beneficial for Shopify to have!

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This is not an acceptable solution. We need a way to split payments on the Draft Orders portion of Shopify. Having to go through to POS is annoying and customers should be able to pay a portion of their order via email. It makes us look unprofessional. 

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I also need this functionality. This is a huge pain point for my business. 

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This is possible using this feature


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This feature is only for Shopify Plus though. Is the intention to not have a way to do support this through apps/in the admin for non-Plus plans? 

Right now there's no way for us app partners to offer partial payment for draft orders. We get this question multiple times a day from merchants.

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This feature is available only to stores on the Shopify Plus plan.
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Hi Gita,

Since the system identifies you as "Shopify Staff", would you please inform
us when will this feature become available to all the rest of us that are
not on the Shopify Plus plan?

Thank you.

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Alright, so it is possible. Just not for us small shops 😅

Well yet another reason to change to other than shopify. 

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Exacly. Accepting partial payment is ESPECIALLY important for Draft Orders,
as mechants use this feature ofter for custom products. Customers expect
partial payments on custom products, for example in furniture.
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If anyone from Shopify follows this thread, it may be worth asking a
Shopify marketing manager
to initiate a survey of Shopify merchants to find out what % merchants sell
customized products/services
as a *significant* part of their business--perhaps more than 10% (or 20%)
of sales.

Willing to bet that this number of merchants justifies opening this feature
to the "rest of us."

Don't know about others but, it is so important to our business, that I
would be willing to pay a small
monthly surcharge for it!