Accepting Sustainable Crypto As Payment Method

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I just lunched a sustainable coffee store on Shopify. I and seeking to enable crypto payment options for my customers, however was doing research online and saw that Bitcoin and Ethereum are not environmentally friendly. I would like to accept payment in another crypto such as Ada on the Cardano blockchain since it is more energy-efficient ( I went online to NowPayment and saw that they had a plugin for modifying the checkout order processing step to include Ada. 


Since the recent Shopify update in January 2022, NowPayment no longer is compatible with Shopify Basic and it seems like you need Shopify Plus to edit any scripts related to the checkout.liquid file. Since I just started my store I am not ready to upgrade to Shopify Plus. Is there another way for me to add some javascript through a function or a <script /> tag to the checkout payment page??


I have been looking through the Admin API and Storefront API docs without much avail. Any guidance would be appreciated 



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