Re: Account Randomly got Payouts on Hold

Account Randomly got Payouts on Hold

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My payouts are still on hold after a good while with no explanation whatsoever i tried contacting support but all they say is that the team is "working on this matter" it's been too long i need this to be escalated to the real staff 


I NEED HELP ASAP! i like this platform and want to continue my business on it, please if a member of the staff sees this message please contact me asap i need to get this resolved as soon as possible and i DO NOT want to document this on my YOUTUBE channel.

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Hi @naoufal56 !


This case should be escalated to the right department. You can try to check your Support inbox and see if there is any ticket that has a yellow status. This means that your ticket concern regarding your payout has been escalated. I know it is not ideal though, it would be best to keep an open communication with Shopify support team as they are the one that has more knowledge and visibility regarding your account status.

Please let me know if it works by marking it as a solution!
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