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Add a coupon to a paid order

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Almost all of my refunds on my account are due to customers forgetting to add coupons. I have done a lot of research but cannot find any solution to allow site owners to add an active coupon code to a paid order to refund the customer. From what I can tell, our only option is to manually refund the amount of the coupon keeping our orders from being able to be closed. 

Does anyone else find this to be a pain point or have you come across a solution to this? (I do know you can archive the partially refunded ordesr to clear them from open - but that seems like a hack fix)

Curious to see others thoughts.

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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hey there!

I'm Daryoush, on the superb Guru team! 🙂

I definitely understand this is frustrating and turning out to be a pain point for you! We are always looking into ways to improve order management, but I'm afraid at this time, the only way to edit existing orders is by using one of these three apps. The other workaround is to issue a partial refund to customers to compensate for the discount code they forgot to add to their orders.

- Editify
- Edit Order
- Update Order

I also recommend taking a look into the "Orderify!" app, because it allows customers to edit their own orders. They may be able to add the discount code after the order has already been processed.

Please let me know if this helps and have a lovely day!


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It's been three years since this discussion happened and I can not find the answer to this issue. Do we now have a way to enter discount code to paid orders? 

This is also a big pain point for us as we need to track the number of times discount codes are being used. And just reimbursing the difference doesn't help. 

please let me know 🙂 

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It is impossible cause you already received the money, and shopify can't really force a lower payment if the higher already happened. 
You can refund the difference, we do that. 

We have still the problem with people who pay with cash on delivery. Once is placed, you cannot apply in any way the discount, and this is a big pain in the ass.