Add a seller dashboard To My Customer/Account.Liquid

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Dear all, 


I am looking for a solution (maybe an app ? Wekbkul ?) to be able to add a seller dashboard on each customer account profiles ( = Customer/Account.Liquid).


I have a consignment store. Products on my website are deposits from individuals "sellers" (= I am selling products on behalf of other people, called the "seller"). I would like to get a seller dashboard to give the opportunity for my sellers to follow sales of their products (= once a product is sold, money goes on wallet (after commission taken by the plateform) and seller can then transfer the money to their personnal bank account).  


I have already a dashboard displaying their products  on sale.

Now I miss the "wallet" solution for them to transfer the money from wallet to their bankaccount after commission. 



Magali VEGAS




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