Add custom fields in checkout and sync with HubSpot

Add custom fields in checkout and sync with HubSpot

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Hi there!

I would like to know if it is possible to set custom fields in the checkout page that can later be synced with HubSpot through the official integration. I have Ops Hub in HS so I can custom-map properties.


Ideally I would like to add additional fields in the checkout to collect important data I need to process my orders. Since I couldn't find a way for adding these fields I've changed the labels for the Address 2 and Phone Number fields. To my surprise, I can not find these fields in HubSpot when I try to map them – I've tried searching for the field name or by the custom name I gave them but no results.


Is there a way to add custom fields to hubspot or sync the current ones with a different property in HubSpot?

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Hey Evargas1, this HubSpot app might be able to do what you need: HubSpot - Sync store data and run powerful sales and marketing campaigns | Shopify App Store

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Hi David, thanks for the reply.


Correct, with the HubSpot app I can sync these records and properties. My question is if I can create a custom property/field in the Shopify checkout page and then map that custom field with a property in HubSpot though the integration that you shared.


I couldn't find an option from the store settings to add more fields in the checkout page.

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Hello there,

We do have a solution for adding custom fields to the checkout page and syncing them with HubSpot. However, please note that this functionality is available for Shopify Plus plans, as the custom field option during checkout is a feature provided by Shopify Plus.


With Shopify Plus, you can add the necessary custom fields to collect the important data needed for your order processing. Once these fields are set up, they can be mapped and synced with HubSpot with the help of our application.


If you upgrade to a Shopify Plus plan, we can assist you further in setting up these custom fields and ensuring they sync correctly with HubSpot.

Please let us know if you have any other questions or need further assistance.


Best regards,