Adding Higher Insurance than Value

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Am I able to add more insurance than the value I charge to customers? I do a lot of repair services and so my repairs are normally a smaller fraction than the value of the items customers send me. But I want to be able to insure for the full value of my customer's item just in case anything happens. Is shopify/shipsurance able to cover that if there are any issues?

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Hi @billybob68

We have an app that can meet your needs. The InsureShield App affords you peace of mind by providing all-risk coverage up to the full sales value of your goods, plus reimbursement for shipping charges. In the event of a loss or damage, most claims are resolved in a few days. While carrier liability can be a perfectly adequate way for some shippers to protect their goods in transit, it’s simply not insurance. Basically, it's a way to deliver that last mile promise to your customers and keep positive reviews flowing.

Check out what InsureShield App has to offer here.