Adding Multiple Shipping Box Sizes

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We are examining our shipping options. We currently used flat rate and would like to move towards weight based rate to cut some shipping costs. However, customers can buy a wide range of product sizes and quantities. Orders can range from 1 lb to 12 lbs. This means that we have nearly a dozen different box sizes to use. I am just a bit confused what the best shipping method would be for us that can account for the range of weights and box sizes. Thanks! 

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Hi @Bkcoleman,

There has been a lot of queries regarding the use of multiple boxes for packaging and calculation of rates. Unfortunately, Shopify only offers one box size to be sent off for live rate calculations, regardless of the size of the actual order.

The problem with using Shopify's single box size is that you will be undercharging for some orders, and you will be responsible for paying out of pocket for the additional shipping cost. If you overcharge for shipping, customers might abandon their cart. 

Since you have multiple boxes to ship in, you would need a shipping app if you are looking to charge based on the dimensional weight of the package. This is the theoretical weight of the package based on the size, and carriers will always charge for the larger weight, whether it's dimensional or actual weight. I would suggest you look into the Multi Carrier Shipping Label app, that would help you automate the packaging process based on the product weight & dimensions. You can add custom boxes based on the product and the app automatically chooses the right box based on the customer input. Also, the app helps you handle the shipping process as well.



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But these apps don't allow you to then use the special rates that Shopify has with for example UPS. So... a big loss. 


Any other option? I don't understand how so many businesses on Shopify can put up with this...

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Yes, I have to agree that this is unacceptable.  I really regret not researching this before migrating my store over to Shopify.  How this is even an issue in 2022 blows my mind.  

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Yes and its also super irritating that noone from shopify responds to questions that don't have a positive answer...  If there was an onboard solution to this or one in the works, there would be gurus telling us so.  but if theres not there is just tumbleweed.  

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Hello Shopify support team, has this issue being resolved.  It is impacting my ability to move forward also considering the type of product I sell.

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Hi @josemartinblanc,


Unfortunately, Shopify is yet to introduce this feature. However, there are apps that help you to achieve this. Let me know if you are willing to know. I can help you with that!

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Hi Anindita, 
Are there any apps that will let us offer more than one box size, while still using Shopify's discounted rates?

Thank you.

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yeah Ill be leaving shopify asap if this isnt changed what borederline intelligent person launching a HUGE ecommerce site sets the whole GIANT opperation up but cant figure out how to use multiple box sizes for each product to affect the hipping cost? like, that is one step dumber then not being able to add pictures to your store lol. like what the actual what? this is blowing my mind that something this big and corporate is this idiotic and useless. like why even bother allowing one box size? like that is helpful to what businesses? only businesses that sell one product in one size? you guys are nuts for this. consider my account canceled, this is crazy.

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Hi .. did you find a way around this problem.


We make a particular product that comes in 7 different sizes, and cannot work out how to set up the shipping rates.

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No way to use Shopify's rates with multiple package sizes. If you have your own shipping accounts you can use Advanced Shipping Manager (ASM) or Boxify. If you're primarily shipping smaller domestic items Shopify's rates won't be much better than you can get yourself anyway so I wouldn't worry about that piece. ASM is particularly powerful and gives a lot of granular control over how you charge shipping to the customer. 


Still, it's absurd that it's nearly 2024 and Shopify hasn't implemented this out of the box.