Adding Shipping cost after the order has been made?

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I had my store that sold to customers but I'm currently looking to sell my products now to retailers.
Is there a way that I can add the cost of shipping after they've placed an order? After that i can send them the invoice with shipping for it to be paid.

This is due to some retailers buying bigger amounts I can use Australia Post to send my products.
I find the shipping on shopify to be somewhat inaccurate for the use of my business.


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@HP_Slaps - Shopify is not very flexible in that respect and at least once an order has been placed, or payment has been made, the workflow will not really allow you to add more expenses. Have you looked into draft orders yet? That might be something for you to consider …


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My question is same for all,because sometime we don't know exact shipping rates, this is good things to send to the customers shipping fee after they placed an order. 

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I have the same issue, and can't add the shipping after the order is placed. need to cancel and place a new order.

so annoying.