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Hello, we are using this additional script for PayPal payments, it used to work but now it is not, nothing has been changed on our side.


We use this script because our local currency is not supported by PayPal and this converts the order total to a supported currency; when the customer selects PayPal as a payment gateway, the script shows a PayPal button in the Thank You page which takes the customer to PayPal and make the payment.


This is the script:



{% for transaction in order.transactions %}
  {% if transaction.gateway =="PayPal"%}


<b>Pay now by pressing this PayPal button.</b> <br><br>

<a href ="{{  total_price | money_without_currency |remove: ','  | divided_by:55 | round: 2}}&item_name=Order{{order_number}}"><img src="" /></a>

 {% endif %}

{% endfor %}


We have been using this script for years and now it's not working. Did something change in Shopify's end?


We appreciate any help.


Thank you.


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