Afterpay Aus on USD currency

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Hi all im really looking for a solution here, I have a shop that deals worldwide predominantly in Australia, now i have the Australian after pay all approved input into the store but it wont work apparently according to after-pay because my currency is set to USD and because i have had sales i cant change it. I dont really want to change it however afterpay is such a powerful sales tool.


Can anyone give me any info on what im meant to do here.




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Did you find any solutions to this? I have the same a store selling to just Australia at the moment but i am in New Zealand and Afterpay Nz is only one i could sign up for which i had to change my store currency to Nz but really need to change this to be AUD. 

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Hi, anyone found a solution to this yet?

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Yes, I've got a solution. They look at your business address. If you have a business address in Aus, you can only have Afterpay in Australia. Business address in specific country much match the currency of that country.