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My store is getting 6-7 orders per day and all require international delivery.

I use Parcelforce and DPD and sometimes DPD through Parcel Monkey for shipping.

I would like to get notifications when delivery status of my shipments change, I also want customers to get notifications as well.

Aftership seems to do all of that, but it failed to read my DPD shipments, so it is not a complete solution for me. Does anybody

know any other alternative app which provides similar functionality?


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You might want to check out Parcel Perform then:


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I think this awesome package tracking tool named Trackingmore meets your requirements.

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You can try our app: Parcel Panel Order Tracking


  • Branded tracking page naming under your store domain & in the local language, perfectly solve the issue of answering your customer "Where is my package?"
  • Graphic analysis of tracking status, everything will be clear at a glance
  • Check all the detailed tracking information of each order at any time
  • Customized carrier-matching rules
  • etc...

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You can track your courier using Speedpostindia website. 

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You can try the Shipment tracking and notifications App:


It not only provides tracking notifications but also adds a tracking page to your website where customers can enter the tracking id and get the latest tracking updates.





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Hello @Cigdem_Yazici,


You can check out the Shopify Shipment Tracking & Notify app. Once you have the Parcelforce & DPD account credentials and API keys, the integration with these carriers can be easily done in the app. 

Once this is done, you will be able to automate your tracking process. The app automatically sends the tracking notification to your customers regarding the package. Also, you get an integrated tracking lookup page, by which your customers can track their product from your store.


Here is a comparison of Shopify Shipment Tracking & Notify app and Aftership:


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I know it's a old thread. but still it could be beneficial to similar merchants like you. I'd strongly recommend They track almost 30+ shipping carriers across the globe and ingrates with almost every other CRM, order management systems. This will help you to

1. Track all your packages in real-time 

2. Send notifications for delivery updates and failed attempts

3. Manage returns, delivery issues


Pros: Customer support team is friendly and flexible, they help us with custom reports and integrations

Cons: Not a free tool but starts with $9 I guess ( Please refer their pricing page)


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Have you tried using ShippingPage ( We've used it for DPD and additional carriers that we're using, and the integration is great. Also notifies customers once a package is stuck, or the status changes, which was exactly what we were looking for as well.

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Yep, you should definitely check out Wonderment, definitely a better Aftership alternative. It's being used by top brands like Kettle & Fire, Three Ships, and Hydrant.