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AliExpress DSers Shipping Fees for multiple-item orders from different suppliers

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Hi all,


I am working on my first store and I want everything to be smooth, user friendly etc., but I am having a couple of issues/queries that I am struggling to figure out or find a solution to. 


I am planning to be using DSers to dropship from AliExpress, but in the app I can only search for a product, and can't find a way to limit my search and product pool to one supplier. I am being shown the same product from different suppliers on the app, and it feels very tedious if I were to check the reliability and dealings with each supplier for each product. 


On the other hand, if I were to abandon the idea of having my shop sticking just with one supplier, I am worried about my customers having to pay horrendous shipping fees for multiple-item orders and having them delivered in several deliveries. 


What is the most efficient or recommended way to get around it? As a drop shipping fresher I feel like this is a rookie question but I am struggling to find a clear answer to it. 

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