Re: allocate an order to a location based on customer tags

allocate an order to a location based on customer tags

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I am looking for a work around to a feature that is on the shopify plus platform as this plan is not something we can afford or justify just for this one feature. 


I am wanting to split stock for our products into two groups or locations so that there is some stock that only our wholesale customers can buy and some that only our retail customers can buy. Under shopify plus you can create seperate locations and then choose which customers can buy from which locations (I assume this is done through tags or geolocation) I would prefer the tags option as we already tag our whole sale customers. this tag allows them to login to a wholesale area of our website (we use wholesale pricing discount for this feature). I am open to changing this app to another provider if it gives us this feature. the only other work around I can think of is to duplicate all our products and use a lock to ensure wholesale customers can see one set and retail another set. This however would be messy to set up and also impact our reporting. 


I can't be the only one wanting this feature without paying $2000 USD a month for it. 


please help me!

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I've seen this done by hiding products to certain users.


For example, if you want products only available to wholesale customers, you can edit your theme code (or hire a Shopify developer, I can recommend if you don't have one) so that if customer is logged in and has tag X, then show the product, otherwise, either hide it or have a message that this is only available as wholesale (I like this option, because then you can have a call to action to contact you to order in bulk, might pick up some extra wholesale orders from general visitors that way).

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this isn't what I am wanting, I want all products available to both but I want to have seperate inventory for wholesale and retail customers. I have found an app with the feature i want where you can set some reserve stock for just Retail customers however i want it the other way round i want to reserve stock for wholesale (without creating a seperate product listing for the same product). 

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I have the same problem I am facing. What is the app you found?

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This is something we need but even paying for Shopify Plus is not available 😞

It seems that the only option is to create an app and using the API manage the inventory manually Location ( This is also new in the API.