Allow customers to choose different shipping methods from different locations?

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Hi everyone,

My store ships out orders from 2 locations, but each location has a different shipping time and price. I want customers to be able to choose which shipping method when placing an order, but it only shows one shipping method at checkout(the one with higher priority in Locations settings). Is there any way to show all the shipping methods from all the locations, and allow the customer to choose, rather than just showing the location with the highest priority?


Thank you.

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Hello @powercube,

 If you had set up the store location with higher priority as default, the checkout page shows the time and price from that location.
If you can use any shipping app, then there's a possibility to display all types of shipping methods at the checkout by integrated carriers within the app.

An alternative way is to use the Multiple-carrier shipping label app, where the app automates the display of different shipping methods from all available carriers and customers can choose the shipping method based on their priority.

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