Allow customers to pick up some items in order, and have others shipped

Allow customers to pick up some items in order, and have others shipped

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We have an online store with two primary locations:


1 - our physical store where we keep stock of many of our products (eg mugs, frames)

2 - an online drop-shipping store that prints garments on demand and ships them directly to the customers (eg t shirts, hoodies etc)


For all the products that we have in our physical store, we've selected local pick up as an option. This works fine if a customer purchases one of those items on our shopify store (e.g. a mug) and selects pick up, then they come and pick it up.


However, if they also purchase a product which is printed on demand (e.g. a t shirt), during checkout they only get the option to ship the entire order.


For example: if I go to our online store, and select to buy a mug and a t shirt, it informs me that "your order isn't available for pickup" and only allows me to select shipping. I'm then charged double shipping, as I'm charged from each location.


This creates a couple of issues for us:

1 - we have to organise shipping of our products, when most customers are local and would rather pick it up in person

2 - they are charged double for shipping (they have to pay shipping for each item from each location), so are more likely to simply abandon the cart.


My question is, can I set it up so that they can still choose to pick up the items that are available for pick up (and then have the other items shipped)?


Trust that makes sense. Thanks in advance! 

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