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Alternative gateway for Panama

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Hello, my name is Juan Martin. I'm currently launching a Shopify store for my dropshipping business, and I need your help with the options I have in terms of gateway for processing credit card payments.

To provide some perspective, I understand that Shopify has two main gateways available in Panama: 2Checkout and PayU. I attempted to open an account in 2Checkout and they denied it because I did not have 6 months of sales history to share with them, and PayU did not even answer my emails. 

Considering this, I'm wondering if there is any other way to integrate a gateway (maybe through a local bank) and how would that integration happen (should I hire an expert to install it directly in the code of the site? is there any other way to link it to my store?

Can you help me with this?

Thanks in advance!

Juan Martin

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Hello @martinjmv, mention all payment gateways use in Panama

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Hi! Thanks a lot for your answer!

Sadly, I cannot use any of those for my store. Some of them, as I said, did not accept the business as it was a startup, and the others work if I want to sell in Panama, but it's not providing me the option if I want to sell in the USA. 

I'm kind of stuck here without knowing very well the feasibility for other options 😞

If anyone had the same issue and found any way to overcome it, I appreciate your help. Also, Shopify normally promotes Dropshipping and Startups, but 2Checkouts, one of your preferred gateways, is not accepting new businesess for an account. I believe you should push them to have options for startups or dropshippers as well, because only stablished companies with 6+ months of sales is a very restrictive filter.

Kind regards,

Juan Martin

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hi, @martinjmv ,

If you are looking to integrate a local bank or local payment gateway based in Panama, best option is to use an Shopify expert to integrate it as an alternative gateway to your store.

Click here to see what are the other gateways you can integrate as a third party payment gateway.

DM me for more details.

Great Day  

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