Amazon MCF Automated Fulfillment Issues / Shipping Notifications

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I'm using Amazon MCF for automatic order fulfillment which is working great. However, 80% of orders seem to be stuck on a Fulfillment Status of "In Progress". What strange is that if I log into Amazon these orders have been fulfilled, but that information is not making it back to Shopify. I even did a test order myself, received the item yesterday, and the Fulfillment Status on my order is still "In Progress".

The main problem with this is that the automated shipment tracking info email only sends out once the status switches from "In Progress" to "Fulfilled" which has worked for about 20% of the time. I received my test order in the mail without ever receiving a shipping confirmation with tracking info.

I'm looking for ideas on how to get this fixed so my customers get their tracking info as soon as it's available. I already have both "Automatically fulfill the order‘s line items" and "Notify customers of their shipment" checked in my Settings>Checkout. 


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In my experience it's rare for the tracking to not get updated, it definitely happens but not often (less than 1% of the time it fails).

I'm wondering if some other data may have changed, like with SKU's, or something in the order being edited...

If I were looking into this, I would first analyze the difference between orders that succeeded vs orders that failed, and identify what's different about them (maybe it's shipping method, or sales channel, product types, etc).

Then analyze the order timeline of each and see if there is something different about the request that was made from Shopify to Amazon.

After you've gathered the data, if there is still no seeable reason, you can try to contact Amazon support and send a few order examples and screenshots of the request in the order timeline, and then ask them if the request got sent back to Shopify, and if not why not. That may produce some answers and a possible solution.

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