Amazon MCF vs Shopify SFN

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With the cost of shipping going up, I am wondering if it makes more sense to outsource my logistics. I am still pretty small, about 100 orders a month but I feel like I am spending a fortune because I offer free shipping on my site (to complete with amazon). So if I am going to spend the same amount of money, maybe I should take the logistics step off my hands.


I have been trying to read reviews but the info is all over the place or super outdated. Anyone have any advice? Should I be looking at these two options or should I be considering companies like ShipBob and ShipCalm too? 


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I would contact them to share your stats / workflow so they can give you a quote.


We work with ShipBob and they say best way is to get a quote from them, because prices depend on the business, I imagine for any of them it depends on the volume of sales, size of products, etc. 


Last time I checked, SFN required 10 orders per day. I like the combo of Amazon FBA for the local marketplace, then ShipBob for international. I've worked with both of them when I ran a store. Haven't worked with SFN but contact them too just to see what you have access to.

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