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has anyone noticed that the Amazon fulfillment has quit working with no warning?  I have tried to install / use all three amazon recommended apps and have had one issue after another with each app.  Does anyone have a work around? Manually inputting the order and not having our 3000+ items quantities not updating inventory is a true headache and another full time job!  Please help

I have tried

WebBee --error messages... even with them helping we can't figure it out

Pipe17 -- cant find the app in shopify

FBA Shipping by ByteStand  -error message I'm sorry, it looks like you don't have carrier calculated shipping enabled. The only way to enable this on your store is to call Shopify. If you paid for your store annually, then its free. Otherwise you can add it to your store ala carte for just $20/month.

I changed the account to paid annually and it still does not work and I can not find a single way to contact shopify as the phone number for support does not work.  


This is ridiculous!  Can anyone offer some information on how to get my Amazon MFC to work on shopify? 

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If it's just automating fulfilling Shopify orders via Amazon FBA, this solution works using the Shopify Amazon fulfillment service plugin + the app Order Automator


If you're looking for syncing orders from Amazon to Shopify, then Codisto is a good app for that.


I've worked a lot with fulfillment and FBA, and am the lead developer of Order Automator app in the above solution, if you get stuck and need help just send me a message, I'd be happy to take a look and try to find a solution for you.


Creator of Order Automator (auto tag orders / customers + auto fulfillment + more automations). Creator of Shopify Analyzer (1st performance analysis tool for Shopify sites, free for the community). Founder of Speed Boostr (Shopify optimization experts + app developers). More apps: Theme Scientist (A/B testing), Tip Jar (add a tip button), File Optimizer (optimize CSS, JS, Liquid).