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Amazon Pay

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Hello everyone,

I am about to launch my store and I was adding payments providers. I chose Shopify payments and PalPay.

I saw there is an option for AmazonPay and when I clicked on the 'activate AmazonPay' button, I was redirect to another page when I had to create a merchant account and include my tax ID, EIN, etc. I filled all the information and my account was accept, however, I didn't do the integration yet because I have a question for your first:

I DON'T WANT TO SELL ON AMAZON, I just want to enable the option for my customers to pay with AmazonPay. If I do the integration, do you think I will import all products that I have on my Shopify store to Amazon? I really don't want to sell anything on Amazon for now, again, I just want to enable AmazonPay option on my store.

Please let me know if I wasn't clear and I will try to rewrite my question.

Thanks for your attention and care,



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No it won't add products to Amazon. Amazon Pay and Amazon marketplace are different parts of Amazon. Integrating with Amazon Pay will only allow your customer to pay in your store using their personal Amazon accounts.