"Send shipment details to your customer now" as default when manually fulfilling orders

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When using Manual Fulfillment and entering tracking information, is there a way to have the "Send shipment details to your customer now" box ticked by default?


Currently it has to be ticked each time an order is fulfilled. I'm sure it used to be ticked by default but for some reason it seems to have changed?

Any help on how to set this as default option would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Same problem here: it used to be ticked, but now you have to manually tick it. Where can we revert this behaviour?

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Same issue here too - behaviour has definitely changed,

Would be great to have a setting for manual fulfilments if this should be automatically on or off. Even better the option to only email the update and not the first email as we have to fulfil then our shipping apps created the tracking info, so customers get two shipping emails in quick succession.

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same here this functionality is STUPID. our orders get closed by automatic software, and the software doesnt tick the box. none of our customers are getting tracking. THIS BOX SHOULD DEFAULT TO TICKED. surely???? or we should be able to manage it.

shopify this is the dumbest thing ever.

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We have the same issue. Anyone that has found a solution to this? 

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Just putting my name in this hat as well. There should be an "opt-in" or "opt-out" option for this in the shipping settings.

My staff constantly misses this step and it's very annoying to all involved, does not create a warm and fuzzy feeling nor does it send a message that we actually care about the customer. We're left spending time answering another email and apologizing profusely about something that should be a no-brainer. 

Please listen to the people who USE this program on a regular basis - this is now 7 months old... and this isn't the only request about this issue. People either want it left "on" or "off."

Make it an "opt-in" or "opt-out" option - please.

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Also a constant issue that drives us insane. Why ON EARTH is this: (1) not checked as default, and (2) request not being answered by any Shopify staff? 

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We managed to solve this together with our partner with who we integrate Shopify towards our 3PL system. In Shopify's API it's possible to have the checkbox ticked so that the tracking id gets sent out to the customer. Could be worth looking into for you who has an integration set up.