Any updates on being paid in a different currency?

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I know I am not alone on this one.

I was excited today to sign up to Shopify, but it looks like I won't be able to continue, which is a great shame.

I'm based in the UK, but over 60% of my audience and potential buyers are based in the USA.

I'll be selling in USD and I want to be paid in USD. I have a US bank account from TransferWise (now called Wise). Since most of the things I purchase are in USD and I mostly get paid in USD, I want my Shopify account to work solely in USD. 

This is not unusual...

- I get paid in USD from affiliate sales
- I get paid for coaching in USD into my TransferWise US bank account
- I get paid for my courses in USD into Stripe and then into TransferWise

It all works perfectly.

It looks like with Shopify...

- My customers will pay in USD
- Shopify takes a currency transaction fee
- Shopify then converts this payment to GBP
- Shopify then takes a currency conversion fee
- Gets transferred to my UK bank account
- I then can't pay for my USD transactions without having to transfer to my US bank account in USD and pay a small fee

It's madness. And it's definitely something you could sort out. It's not an unusual situation. Like it or not, many creators around the world have their base currency as USD and they want to be paid in USD.

So, I wanted to confirm, is this still the case, or are you going to change it so we can be paid in international currencies? I am based in the UK. But I have a US bank account. Obviously, I don't have a social security number. But that's not been an issue with Stripe. I can accept USD payments and get paid into my US bank account even though I live in the UK.

If not, it looks like I am going to have to roll up my sleeves and build a WooCommerce site. Something I was really hoping to avoid. But it looks like that might be my only option.

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Also, have the exact same situation. Paying fees for currency conversion when I can accept USD payments to my Wise account. Makes no sense. Is there any update on this?

@iagdotme what was your solution? Did you manage to find a way to make this work for you?