Anyone found a solution to Shopify's new Customs Documents?

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Has anyone found a solution or work around to the new change Shopify made to International Customs documents where instead of displaying the product title in the "Product Content Description" column and the HS Code # in the "HS Code" column, they now automatically put the full description of the HS Code in the "Product Content Description" column?


This has create two huge problems for us. 


1. Customs is now stopping every shipment and requesting additional documentation because there is no product list anymore. 


2. The HS Code descriptions are so long that what used to be a 1-2 page custom document can now be as long as 45+ pages. We ship in boxes as small as 8×6×4 because our products are small. It's physically impossible to fit that many pages into the Customs pouch and attach to a small box. 


We tried contacting Shopify for help and they told us, they made a new update and there was no way to change it. They told us as long as the correct HS Code was still listed Customs would accept these, but we've been shipping for years and never had boxes stopped until now, and they're specifically being stopped because there is no product list. 


Right now we are having to get our International Shipping labels elsewhere because we can't ship without documentation or have our customer's orders continue to be delayed over missing information. 


If anyone has found a good solution or work around, please share!


@Shopify really dropped the ball on this change

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