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Hi There,


Looking for an app that allows only customers within a certain range of postcodes to place an order.  As this is fresh food, we will have our fleet that delivers our orders.  All apps i've found require real time shipping carriers function that i don't believe we require to run our store so haven't opted for that package.




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Hey, there!

Taking a look, I think Store Pickup + Delivery will work as this app allows you to restrict your shipping locations based on postal codes. I did have a chance to review the app page and it doesn't appear that the app requires the "Carrier Calculated Shipping" rate to be added to use their app. In the event that I'm wrong, then this feature would come at a cost of $20/month, or free if you pay for your Shopify subscription annually vs monthly (saves you $240/year). While you may not need to directly use this feature, the app may require it to override shipping features within your admin. If you do choose to go this route, then let me know as I'd be happy to help get the shipping feature added to your account. 

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Hey there!


Sam here from Zapiet, the company behind Store Pickup + Delivery! As Peter did say yes our Store Pickup + Delivery app will allow you to do that, but if you're not offering pickup and just want to offer to ship based on specific postal codes we have a sister app called Delivery Rates by Zipcode that will allow you to price by specific zip code!


If you need any help of further advise on the above or combination of apps don't hesitate to reach out to us on or I'm more than happy to jump on a call!


Have a fantastic day!



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Hello, does Zappiet allow you to also select delivery dates?

And does it work with Australian postcodes?
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Peter, I've just set this up today and can confirm the app works for Australian postcodes and you can select delivery days & block days - it's great!


Similar to the first question: I'm setting up a website for a local farm gate grocery shop. I've set up the store pick up and local delivery with limited postcodes and it's all working. The shop delivers to zone 1 on Tuesdays & Thursdays and zone 2 on Wednesdays & Fridays -  I can't work out how to set this bit up in Zapiet, can someone help?


the how to page seems to be down

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I have a similar issue, with a bakery. We want to set up orders for different days to different postcodes AND limit the stock for each day to stop overordering. I've set it up with Zapiet but everyone piles in and orders and the inventory get drawn from the default location first regardless of the postcode so we've ended up with too many orders for the first day's post codes. 

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To outline our issue in more detail...

I have set a bakery up on Shopify to comply with the New Zealand COVID-19 restrictions

  • The bakery has two stores (one in Catalina Bay and the other in Huapai) but people are unable to buy from them, they must order online and then the orders are delivered on the set day.
  • Delivery is free but there is a $30 minimum order.
  • Because of the logistics of delivery, we need to split the geographic areas and orders otherwise it's impossible to deliver everything. We have used Postcode as the way to limit orders as the geographic distance using Google API didn't work as well.
  • There two days a week, Thu (Huapai) and Sat (Catalina Bay), that we allow people to order goods for local delivery.
  • There are two locations and people can order from one location using postcode restriction on local delivery app Zapiet on Thu, the other location on Sat. We're using the postcodes for Muriwai and Waimauku plus Whenuapai and Hobsonville.
  • Ideally, we want to be able to set each location to have its own inventory that orders are taken from, but what happens is the default location fills the orders first, even though that location should fill orders on one of the weekdays.
  • It's a real mess because Alli sets 50 inventory items for each location, and everyone starts ordering them from different postcodes but they are fulfilled from the default store, so she doesn't know how many are ordered for Catalina Bay and Huapai because all the orders are fulfilled from Catalina Bay first even if they are for Muriwai which we want to come from Huapai location inventory. 
  • The risk is that people keep ordering for one postcode and order more than is possible to deliver because they can keep ordering the stock from the other location.

What we want to do is this;

  • Every Thursday Huapai (location) has 50 loaves of bread (e.g) that get sold only to people from a certain postcode and the inventory only comes from that store. And ditto with Catalina Bay (location) on Saturday it gets 50 loaves for its local postcodes/deliveries.
  • Each location automatically gets updated with 50 loaves of bread (for example) - and all other inventory products can be automatically set to replenish after COB on the day of delivery.
  • We don't want to oversell inventory for each day of delivery so need to be able to restrict the available volume.

Ideally, we would have this:

  • Tuesday - Huapai Postcodes. 
  • Thursday - Muriwai and Waimauku Postcodes
  • Saturday - Hobsonville Postcode
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I am also looking for the postcode option for produce deliveries but but need the added option that some items are available at that postcode eg fruit/veg but not the meat option , would locksmith be best for this or the one people are using above , help Shopify please  

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I need app that shows availability of farm produce on our store dependent on postcode but also availability of each item in that postcode e.g fruit and veg available at 2000 but the meat box not available at 2000 , does your app do this 

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I installed Delivery Rates by Zipcode but couldn't find a way to actually restrict zipcodes. E.g. I only want to deliver to 3000 and 3001, but I want the app to REJECT orders to 3002. Any ideas?

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Hi ShopMarket - the Zapiet Store Pickup and Delivery App will do this for you.  You can just suppress store pick up if you don't want it.  

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Hey mate, I’m using Addition, it allows you to select a postcode range but then add exclusions within the range
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It feels like you're in need of a "cleanup" job that happens automatically every 10 minutes or an hour or a day, re-arranges the stock and ensures everything is up and at it. In addition, you probably need a way to kick out customers based on Zip Code - i.e. if a customer of Zip Code A came in the store and there's not enough stock - don't let them order.


For the first part, possibly related - I've just written a pretty lengthy Integromat tutorial (a No-Code platform) that deals with an adjacent need (see here), and this feels... close. At least conceptually, what you're looking for is a very customized thing-doer that does some Shopify things every now and then. Integromat it literally built for this sort of stuff, and feels like a good direction. Take a look at the tutorial, tell me how it feels and let's see if we could spin something up?


For the second part, the information about the customer's zip code is only available when they enter their information in the checkout page. I would propose to poll the customer for that information early - a pop-up that asks them to input their zipcode, and then if the stock in the area where the zipcode is have depleted, notify the customer. If the customer does end up putting an order anyways, you can always send back an e-mail saying - "Hey, we saw you ordered, but we are currently out of stock like the pop-up said...." etc. At least that's how I would approach it if I needed a quick and dirty fix.


WDYT @pirriep?

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Hi I am also looking for something like this did you find one i sell fruit and veg and want to group postcodes for certain days so that we can be more efficinat in delivering to areas 

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HI Sam,

From reading this chat, I've downloaded zapiet delivery rates postcode app but I think I will need understanding how to set it up? 

Would you be able to help with this? 

Let me know thank you so much,


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Hi there,

I am really sorry for the delay in responding - we have only just seen a number of mentions and replies on the forum, going forwards we will get a notification for forum posts and respond much quicker. 

Hopefully, you resolved this issue at the time and could continue using Delivery Rates by Zip Code?  If not maybe you would like to take another look at the app, the support team is bigger stronger than ever before - we would be glad to welcome you back and get you set up. 

If you need any more assistance or information you can email us at, you can also start a live chat by visiting

Take care,