Apparent fradulant orders even though the Fraud analysis says low risk

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Hi, I have been getting orders from this one customer that seems very fishy. They are all under the same customer, the same phone number, and the same email address, even though each order has a different recipient name and shipping/billing address. (pictures below). The orders were placed through PayPal, and the fraud analysis returns low risk. Another weird part is, that one of the addresses is local to me, so I asked him to meet up locally, to which he responded: " I cannot, I am out of town". Should I take these orders?





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Hi @Zencarbonfiber 


Orders that are placed with Paypal have a much more limited scope for fraud analysis on Shopify. This is because a limited of transactional data is passed on to Shopify.


The patterns of different billing and shipping address each time would give you enough reason to cancel the order right away as this is unusual for a typical customer behavior. 

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