Apple Pay Express button not visible on checkout page ?!

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Dear all, 


I am currently setting up my shop and I was about to finish the payment stuff etc.

Well, I installed and included PayPal and also added Shopify Payments to cover all other payment methods.

The problem now is that I can't see the Apple Pay Express checkout button on the checkout page. Only Paypal, Google Pay and Shopify Payment is visible as you can see on the screenshot. I am wondering because I was expecting to see Apple Pay instead of Google Pay on my iPhone/Apple device. I already tried deactivating Google Pay and hoped to see the Apple logo but nope. Same on a Microsoft operated laptop..


I am selling perfumes so I don't think there is any issue because of "bad image/**bleep**/restriction guidelines of apple". 


I really would like to see Apple Pay on that page, either substituted for Google Pay or seeing all 4 express checkout methods on the page.


I really appreciate a good solution here.


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I'm having the same issue.  Apple Pay is enabled in my shop under Shopify Payments "Wallets" yet the option doesn't show when testing on apple devices both iphone and Macbook using safari.  Oddly enough Google Pay shows as the option.  

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Ok, I Will.


@nickhausshop same. I checked the requirements and there is no real solution for that.