Apple Pay issues

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Hi there, 


I'm setting up my first store but I've encountered problems with Apple Pay (setup through Stripe): 

  • When I set the shipping address to USA / UK / Australia / Canada, a shipping fee of 20USD is added spontaneously (this shipping fee should not exist - when I try to checkout manually and pay with a credit card there's no shipping fee, as expected, because it's included) 
  • When I set the shipping address to a European country, it says shipping address invalid. 


Any solutions ? Or should I scrap Apple Pay as a payment provider ? I think it facilitates conversion quiet a lot. 

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I am encountering the same issue. I have my store setup for free local delivery or paid shipping. When a local customer selected free local delivery and pay with a credit card, there is no delivery charge, but if they select free local delivery and then use Apple Pay, it automatically processes the transaction and adds the basic shipping charge. I am constantly having to refund customers shipping charges for this. It took me a while to figure out that it only happens when they select Apple Pay. 

Wondering if @TheKit was able to find a solution?