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Apple Pay - not working - Apple Pay Not Completed

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The customer support team has been of no value in resolving this issue that has been ongoing for almost 2 weeks.


Apple Pay is showing - Apple Pay Not Completed - when attempting to make a purchase.


Shopify is pointing that it is an apple problem with appley pay but I have had multiple people attempt to make a purchase including myself, which we all use apple pay with brick and mortar stores with no problems. We all end up with the same error message "Apple Pay Not Completed".


They are telling me to contact Apple, why would I contact apple?  This is something between shopify and apple.  If there was something wrong with my paypal or amazon then, of course, I would lead the discussion.


not sure where to go from here 😞





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Hi @cen10lax Did you solved?

I have same problem

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Same problem here..

Does anyone has a solution?

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Why does nobody ever come back with an update? Surely you were in our position? What’s the solution here? Shopify are no good

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Was struggling with this for a couple of our DTC marketing agency clients. That happens when you add a custom domain BEFORE you apply and are approved for Shopify Payments. If that's the case the solution is rather simple: delete the domain and add it back again. It will take 2 minutes, the website will experience 1-minute downtime. And Apple Pay works again.

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