Apple Pay not working on mobile

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Hello. I just launched my website and my customers are having issues with Apple Pay at checkout. This is the error message they receive every time they try to pay. I myself have also tried checking out with 2 different cards and I am also getting the same error message. I have tried everything I have seen from others experiencing similar issues but it hasn't resolved. Tried contacting Shopify support, but they were no help either since it seems everything is good on my end of the website. I did try Apple Pay on my MacBook and it did go through so it must be a problem with paying with a mobile. I tried removing Apple Pay option and adding it multiple times, but still same issue. Billing addresses were not incorrect either. has anyone had this issue? If so, how was it resolved? HELPPPP! in the meantime I've disabled Apple Pay until this issue is resolved, which is a bummer


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We have the same issue. Been on with Shopify Pay support for about 1.5 month now without any progress.


This is not an Apple Issue, it's with shopify.

Shopify Pay and Apple Pay is powered by Stripe. 

So I used my stripe account to connect to Shopify directly as well to bypass the Shopify Payment solution. The same problem occured. 

Apple Pay on Desktop works fine. Apple Pay on the latest iOS doesn't work.


However, a direct link from Stripe with product purchase worked perfectly fine on mobile using Apple Pay.


Shopify Payment dev team needs to figure this out ASAP.