Apps for reduced shipping rate for subsequent orders within certain number of days

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I run a store that ships the items sold to customers once every month.  During the month, the customers tend to place multiple orders as we continually upload new products to sell, and we would combine these orders for each customer afterwards and ship them in one package to save the shipping cost.


However, right now, Shopify would charge my customers shipping fee each time they place an order, and I would then need to refund them afterwards.  This has created lots of unnecessary manual work and has reduced my customers willingness to place additional orders.


I was wondering if there are any apps out there that would allow me to set shipping rates for each subsequent orders the customers place within a certain period of time?  Say if the customer places a subsequent order within a week since the first one, then the shipping is either halved or free, depending on combined cart $ value?




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Don't have an answer for you. This happens to us infrequently but it a nightmare the hoops you have to go through to balance it out. Especially shipping across countries where Duties are involved.  My question for you, is do you have any cool way to identify when you get to orders like this? In some cases we have seen it, in others we have 2 packages going out the same time because we were not aware. Just wondering?


Great question by the way.

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Hi TheCraw


Thanks for your reply.


This business with the Shopify website that I have is just a side project that I am doing.  My day job requires me to be proficient in Excel and Excel VBA, so I have spreadsheets set up to capture and summarise these orders.  I only rely on Shopify to accept orders and credit card/PayPal refunds, and I do pretty much everything else after that offline.


I suppose if there's no such app available, would you or anybody know roughly how much I'd be looking at to spend if I were to engage a 3rd party Shopify developer to add such a function to my website?




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Hello @handsomeric  and @TheCraw 

We have developed an app called MergifyIt helps you to merge orders. You can define all fields of the new merged order and check the app functionality by creating draft orders. When you are sure about your settings, you can make orders directly. Mergify notifies customers, cancels or archives orders, refunds extra shipping costs if you want. 

You can define some rules to help it find mergeable orders for you. For example, you may not want to merge orders with a special tag, or only consider the last 48 hours orders. Mergify then shows you merging suggestions that you can take action with just a few clicks. Even this process can be automated, so if a customer creates orders with the same shipping address that passes your defined rules, Mergify merges it automatically.

In your specific case:

if the customer places a subsequent order within a week since the first one, then the shipping is either halved or free

you can define a rule in "Automatic Settings" page to filter orders that have a pending payment status:


Then on the "Auto Check" page, you have all the mergeable orders that can be merged. Mergify can refund all unused shipping costs for you!

AutoCheck (1).jpg

If you have any questions, contact us at