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Thank you, everyone. I understand that this feature is needed, and I appreciate your feedback. I have shared your requests with our development team. At this time, please refer to the workarounds I've shared in my initial post, which include adding a handling fee or using a third-party app.

Please note that I will only be responding to this thread again if there is a feature update involving our default package size. Thank you!

Finley | Social Care @ Shopify 
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please add me to this list I find that very strange that we can't do this ?

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Please add us to this list of requesting customers as well, if that helps anything.

We NEED this simple function. I cannot charge every customer $25 for shipping, and can't afford to cover that cost when my customers are paying $5-$10 for the default package that is mainly used

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Please also add me to the list of people requesting ability to assign specific boxes to specific products.  It will save a lot of merchants money from mistakes being made when selecting packages.  Thank you

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One of the original posts summed up my experience so far very well: horrific. 

I can't believe that a service I have to pay monthly for has so many very basic things it cannot do. 

Merge orders? Paid app. 
Limit purchase quantities? Paid app. 
Different packages for products? Paid app. 

At this point, it doesn't look like Shopify cares about rectifying these issue either and it's extremely frustrating. 
I just dumped a bunch of time into manually getting shipping rates, and now I have to throw them all out because I cant have stickers ship in a different package then a record mailer. 

Thanks Shopify. 

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I just don't understand why this topic has been brought up so many times, and so many years ago why it hasn't been taken care of already. It's the basics of online commerce. 

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I'm really surprise this functionality has not been added yet. It seems really basic considering Shopify is mostly for physical products. I have 400+ SKUs in many different box sizes. I don't charge my domestic customers for shipping, but international customers are charged shipping. It really should be a priority for Shopify to allow us to assign box sizes to products. 

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Please add me to the list of customers who would like this feature added. Paying 30 or more dollars a month to add a feature that should already be offered through your platform is unacceptable.

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I agree that assigning a package to a product is basic and Shopify should include it. 

One thing that helps us, is create a new shipping profile for a few products with weird packaging and just set the shipping rate for those to avoid to getting calculated wrong. 

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9 months later. Is this an option yet? 

(I'll assume the answer is no.)

Because of a few things:
1. Shopify doesn't care about it's customers because they don't have to. They know the bulk of their customers have already committed significant resources to the platform and it's usually cost-prohibitive to switch. (This is known as the "Marlboro Model")
2. Shopify makes a ton of money skimming off the top of the third-party marketplace. The idea there is to make money with zero effort. Once they realized they could charge third-party developers for features that should be standard by standing up an "app marketplace," there's no going back. It is no longer cost-effective for them to build features. Building features costs Shopify money. The strategy is build a gaping hole, and wait for a third-party to come along and fill it, so Shopify can get a piece of the action. I know the phrase "it's a racket" has been used so much it's lost meaning, but Shopify is a racket. Shopify isn't a solution, it's a scheme. 

Bottom line is that they will not provide features unless Shopify sees the financial upside. Right now, they see all the revenue they're skimming from the third party marketplace, and all of the "unhappy" customers that ~continue to use the platform~, and they've realized that there is no need to serve us. As long as the sales pitch connects with the higher-ups, features won't matter, until _every_ store on shopify goes on strike to demand a change to the business model.

Since that won't happen, what we, as a community of developers MUST do to affect change is to constantly and consistently shout from the highest tower, that "Shopify is a money pit," and STOP accepting Shopify projects just because "it was decided." We need to march over to that decider and let them know EXACTLY what they are about to step in.  Tell that decider to think of an "edge case" – something that Shopify can't natively do, and how they would be hard-pressed to find a single workaround that doesn't involve "download the app." That decider will likely give you a blank stare and mutter something to the effect of, "I'm not a technologist, so I don't know what it can and can't do – that's what I have you for." Then you can say, "Exactly. And I'm telling you this is a decision that we will all regret."