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Hi there,

Shopify provides the ability to provide multiple package options but does not allow us to assign those package dimensions to a product without paying an additional $10/month for an add-on app? 

Moving from Wix & Etsy dual platforms and hoping to consolidate to SAVE money, I am unfortunately finding that other providers have a better physical product ecommerce systems, and as a new user am disappointed to find that Shopify has yet to join 2021 standards that other ecommerce platforms have adopted...

Is there a plan in place to add this simple and basic feature that is essential for physical product businesses? Wix charged $23/month for their basic ecommerce plan and includes this very basic feature, and has an in depth API to edit landing pages - etsy doesn't cost a thing in comparison

I'm a little lost on the "value" my $29/month brings other than bare bone skeletons that will LOSE me money when the default package and shipping improperly charges my customers meaning I have to then pay more for shipping than what Shopify is charging. I figured at the very least it could do what WIX does surely because it costs more. My mistake.

The basic fee is clearly labeled as "All the basics you need for starting a new business" - How does your company not think this feature is a basic need that should be automatically included? The competitive shipping rates don't really mean anything unless it's accurate in the first place.

Are there any steps being taken to address this? Or am I just wasting my time, money, and frustration before I've even been able to use Shopify for a full month?


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I'm dealing with the same issue here.  This was posted back in January with no response?  Any updates to including this as basic feature, Shopify?

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There has been a lot of queries regarding the dimension based packaging and calculation of rates. I know you guys are looking for a solution from the side of Shopify. But, as there hasn't been a solution, I would suggest you look into the Multi Carrier Shipping Label app as a temporary workaround. The app helps you automate the packaging process based on the product weight & dimensions. You can add custom boxes based on the product and the app automatically chooses the right box based on the customer input. Also, the app helps you handle the shipping process as well.

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I'm in the same boat - except its for a client who does a large Merch store. I wish they were more upfront about costs and there weren't so many paywalls to getting something to work flawlessly. I get the idea of added features you pay for, but this one is kind of you would expect as a basic feature for someone offering brick and mortar stuff. I could have stayed with woo-commerce and just paid for their add-ons if it was going to keep adding up like this.

We're about 3k deep into the project and having to keep adding 'monthly costs' around every corner.. Shopify got some good stuff, but they deff use some predatory pricing in their model that should make small business owners weary of the jump.  I'd advise anyone who wants to join Shopify lay out your goals in a list and talk to a customer service rep before you sign up. Then if they don't advise you on hidden costs at least you have some sort of standing in getting a refund if things don't work out.

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Don't hold your breath. Shopify's business model is designed around revenue from the third-party marketplace. They advertise a a monthly rate lower than what they need to hit, then make up the difference through add-on costs. This is particularly obvious in the checkout flow. Shopify intentionally limits functionality in key areas, to create opportunities for revenue. This is not a bug, it's a feature.