Assigned Fulfillment Orders destination field is null

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I am using the Admin rest API, with the request:

The documentation defines that the destination should be in the response. Which it is, but it is always null. Regardless of whether the order has a shipment address.

If I place a fulfillment request without an address, it warns me that the fulfiller might reject the request if I don't enter an address. So that assumes that this api request should contain the destination.

Any help anybody could provide would be much appreciated

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If the destination is null that means your customer doesn't have a default address. 

I solved the bug by duplicating the order, attaching more information to the customer, and resubmitting the order request. 

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Thanks for this insight, you lead me down the right path with investigating this, and this is what I have found:

tl;dr Orders without a customer results in an empty destination field. Editing the shipping address will NOT update the fulfillment request destination, even if cancelled and a new one is created.

  • Orders with a customer without a default address indeed results in a null destination
  • This also means that the shipping address has not been filled in, filling in the shipping address on the order, or filling in a default address on the customer, results in both the customer having an address and the order. The fulfillment request then has a destination filled in.
  • If you do not assign a customer to an order and then fill in a ship to address the destination is empty
  • As you cannot add a customer after an order is placed, a fulfillment request can never be made with an address in destination on a customer-less order
  • If you select a customer, but enter a new shipping address, the default shipping address of the customer is updated and the destination of the fulfillment request is correct
  • If you update the shipping address on the order, the requests destination does not change, even if you cancel and create a new request
  • Existing requests destination will remain correct, even if a new order is made along with a request for a different shipping destination.

Sorry for the long explanation, but the tldr; pretty much sums it up. My concern here really is that the fulfillment requests address really should honour the ship to address, regardless of whether the order has a customer and if the address changes.

Now that I understand the inner workings, I can work around the issue and reject requests without addresses, with a message to recreate the order with a customer. As for the user changing the shipping address, well as it stands we can only make decisions on whether to fulfill the order on the original address.

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Same result with GraphQL query.

This seems like a bug to me, otherwise for fulfilment services that rely on a shipping destination in the fulfilment order, but may not have the full scope to see all the details of an order, cannot fulfill such requests.