Assistance with tracking inventory of unfinished product vs tracking by size and color

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I'm a Shopify "newbie" in the process of setting up my site. I have some "unfinished products" aka transfers for t-shirts, tote bags, etc  that I keep on hand to place on my items based on size and tshirt color that can be selected by the customer. I need a way to track the quantity of the "unfinished product". 


Unfinished Product A 

* Quantity = 10

I want to offer this product on various colored tshirts: Black, Red, White, etc from Sizes: Small - 2XL.

So if the following orders come in (see example below), I want to track the quantity of my unfinished product since I only have 10.

Black T-Shirt

Small - Qty =2

2XL - Qty =1 


Red T-Shirt

Large - Qty =3

2XL - Qty =1 


White T-Shirt

Medium- Qty =2

XL - Qty =1 

Shopify seems to track the inventory based on the quantity of the variants which works for some items but not for "unfinished products". Any assistance on how I can do this? Please!!!

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The solution is to bundle up the items that are linked to the same SKU so inventory is correctly updated. This isn't available within Shopify as each variant is a unique product so you there is no function to link its inventory to another product. We developed our own bundling solution for this kind of scenarios so inventory is always calculated based on the parent product and any sales that occur for it from other variants.

In your example a variant you create in Shopify is actually a bundled product with the unfinished SKU as its component. We can help you get set up and demonstrate the process if you like. You can contact me at



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