Australian payment provider for vape/smoke shop

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We are currently accepting payments via MyUser (which piggy backs off stripe) however I have had to set up a stripe account via another business I have and I am not wanting to continue with stripe for my high risk business

We sell smoke accessories and vapes (no tobacco or nicotine products) and searching for a payment provider to avoid our stripe account being closed for taking high risk payments via another business.

We are new and do not have a huge turnover at the moment but have seen a significant uplift recently.

I have been knocked back by many providers who claim to work with high risk businesses.

Any recommendations or direct contacts with sales reps would be great.

Thankyou in advance.

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This is exactly where we are at right now, having received an email from Stripe this morning a day in advance of the cutoff. This would be fine if one of the million "one size fits all" solutions I have been lumped with were actually relevant to this business. I am honestly so sick to death of being categorized into an area that we really do not actually belong in! No tobacco, no cbd and certainly no CBD however the only thing matching this is no payment provider. I am currently trying to configure an account which is incredibly hard with self taught coding experience since coming to this platform, there really arent many options other than the ones youwould likely know of being Eway, Merchant Warrior (who just quietly slug every transaction 28%) and maybe E-  ccwwid -0 though I have not had a response to confirm this. The rest of them allow you to make an account but won't progress through the onboarding as they are all either limited to everywhere other than Australia or require a Merchant account or ridiculous profit level which would be possibly achievable if Myuser wasn't constantly putting us in the stone age due to downtime! 


If you find something let me know! I am currently waiting on a response from Braintree and if I learn anything valuable I will come back to let you know. Good luck!