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Auto-capture AFTER fulfillment

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Hi all.

I run a store in Denmark, europe and here it is not legal to capture the payment before shipping - so my capture is set to manual.

I have en external company to do the shipping, and when they print the order label it automatically sends tracking ID to shopify and fulfills the order.

Is there a way for shopify to automatically capture the payment when an order is fulfilled? I'm thinkg of a script of some sort. Currently I have to capture all payments manually after my shipping provider has fulfilled the orders.


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Hi there Frederik!

My name is John and I'm a Guru here at Shopify!

I've spent some time researching your query here and consulted with a few of our specialist teams to see what we can advise. 🙂

It looks like at the moment there is no way to automate this process in the Shopify admin.

One outside possibility is that you could check with your external fulfilment partners if there is any way for them to send an API call to your store when fulfilling an order that would trigger capture of payment.

This is not a certainty by any measure as if they're a fulfilment specialist they might not be willing or able to handle this -- we just want to present any possible options to you here.  

Maybe some other merchants or some of our partners have some experience with a similar setup and they can share some thoughts here? 🙂

Best of luck with everything here! 


Don | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Michael here from

I think there is a way for you to make it work: Check out this link and search for "Capture a previously authorized order for the full amount"

Seems like that would work for you. Our developers here ahve done similar things for customers, so feel free to reach out to us for fulfillment 🙂

Another option is to create the API yourself or have someone do it for you. It doesn't necessarily have to be the fulfillment center, but they if they are handling your orders and shipping, and are willing to work with it, they would be your best bet.

All the best,

e-commerce order fulfillment made fast. simple. easy.
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Sorry, about this late reply, but I just realized that there might have been a misunderstanding about how our system works.

Our custom integration to our external delivery partners, do mark the order as "Fullfilled" in shopify with a full "Track and trace" number, which Shopify then use to automaticly send a email to the customer with the standard "Your order have shipped. Here is the code to track it".

So Shopify is fully aware of the status for the order, which is why I thought it would have a feature to capture payments for orders, once they were marked as fulfilled.

Yes I can update our integration code, to capture the payment at the same time I fill in the fullfillmnent completed status, but I feel like I am missing something. Does anybody else which use automatic external packaging, really include their own logic for which orders should be captured?

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Hi Martin,

I'm curious if you're using one of the order management or shipping apps. We're just starting our integration, and are honestly a little surprised that this isn't a standard option.


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I'm curious to now if it still works like this or if you by any chance can trigger a capture after fullfullment?
We also use an external warehouse/WMS and they have a private app connected to shopify, they don't want to trigger a capture with their api due to risk/responsibility. 


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Hi Frida,

Let me know if you're still looking for a solution here.  We've developed a private app which works in your exact situation to capture upon fulfillments from an external warehouse/WMS.

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Hi Taylor. We could maybe be interested in your app. Please tell me more about it... 👍 

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If you email me at I'll be happy to explain the private app solution we've created for this.

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Has this really not been solved yet? 

I both send physical products but also PDF-patterns - and as said it is not allowed to capture payments before sending physical products but I need to capture the payment automatically when fulfilled for the PDF so that the customer don't has to wait for me to capture the payment so they can acces there order...


It sound like a simple thing to update as the subject sais - Auto-capture AFTER fulfillment.


Please does anyone has a solution - I really dont think that I should have to pay for yet another plugin for something as basic as this - it should be a part for standard shopify.


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Check this out. This may help you. Look at an app called 

PaymentCaptr App on Shopify