Automatically Send Shipping Request Basis on Order Pincode

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Hello All,

I'm a beginner in this amazing world of Shopify. Have setup a demo store and now developing its theme from scratch. Now, I have got a requirement from my senior as under:

This store will be only for Indian customers. When a customer place an order and made the payment, some process should get executed which will send that order details to our shipping partner. Further, there would be multiple shipping partners who will process the order shipping basis on their area pincode. Lets say, Partner A ships the order for pincode range 400050 to 400059, Partner B ships the order for pincode range 540074 to 540096 and so on. A customer places an order, whose delivery address pincode is 400056, then my program should identify the shipping partner basis on this pincode and assign the order details accordingly to Partner A.  All this process needs to be fully automatic.

I have gone through the docs on and found below topics where i need to look for:

A) Shopify Flow

B) Fulfillment Service/API

C) Pre-built Shipping Apps (like Shiprocket, Shipturtle and so on)


If i go with option C, the client needs to make a deal with any vendor. Post this, I need to add that vendor app to my store and some other settings and the above task will be achieved, no coding required.

If i go with option B, I need to make Fulfilling settings for my product. I can also use Fulfillment Service App for more customisation

If i go with option A, I need to create Triggers/Action


I'm very much confused which option should i need to go to achieve the desired task? Am I heading in the right direction?

Also, can i use both option A and B together. I mean to create a Flow which will add Tags to orders which has been fully paid. Once this is done, the Fullfillment service will send an email to the shipping partner.

Kindly guide me.


Much Regards,

Javed Ansari

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I think B would be overcomplicating it and probably be more expensive than using a prebuilt app (option C).

A might work, though I haven't used Shopify Flow enough to know.

Our app Order Automator can handle all of this (identifying conditions in the order, tagging, notifying vendors). We also do customizations and feature requests, a lot of stores use our app to automate their fulfillment and order processing tasks.

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