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When I click the option to pay by Skrill on the checkout page it redirects me to a page saying {"code": "BAD_REQUEST", "message": "invalid parameter"}. I'm lost and I do not know how to fix this. What is the solution, please?

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Hi @Artsy-boba 


Thanks for reaching out. Welcome to the Shopify Community - I can see this is your first post here.



I understand that you are encountering an error when trying to pay using Skrill on your store checkout. An error message like this would indicate that there may be an issue with the Skrill setup on your store. The integration between Skrill and Shopify could be broken or set up incorrectly, or it could even be due to some incorrect information being entered at checkout.


Are you seeing the error message on the Skrill side of things, or on Shopify? You can check the URL bar in your browser at the time you see the error to confirm this. As Skrill is a third party gateway, it is external to us and so our capability to support this specific problem may be limited. I would like to try help you though - I found this PDF guide on the Skrill website that looks to provide information about the Skrill/Shopify integration, so you might find some helpful information there. Here's a few other things you can try to troubleshoot this:


  • Clear your browser's cache & cookies and try again. Sometimes the cache can cause issues when trying to load website pages correctly. Testing on a private browsing window is a good idea to rule out any cookie issues also. On Google Chrome they are called 'incognito' windows.
  • Test using multiple browsers and devices if possible, just to make sure the problem is not specific to a certain setup.
  • Double-check that all of the information provided in the Skrill setup in the Settings > Payments section of your admin is accurate and matches the information associated with your Skrill account. You may also see errors mentioned in this payments section if there are problems with the integration. More info on adding third-party payment gateways here.
  • Login to your Skrill account on their website, and ensure all looks OK with your account and that there is nothing obviously preventing you from accepting orders.
  • Contact Skrill's support team and let them know about the error message you are receiving. They should be able to provide you with additional information or troubleshooting steps specific to their service.
  • You can feel free to contact our own support team and explain the issue you are experiencing. We may be able to provide additional insight or troubleshooting steps from the Shopify side of things, however please keep in mind our support will be limited as this involves a third party payment gateway, of which we have limited visibility on.


Feel free to reply here to let me know how the above steps went, and if you saw any change in behavior after trying them. If you can capture any screenshots of the specific errors, it would be helpful for troubleshooting this with you.


Rick | Shopify 
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