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Hi there. I've been having trouble for a while getting my credit card details onto my billing method under shopify payments. The account number works but I can not find a BSB that works. I even called up my bank and they said that Credit cards don't have a BSB number and should use a Biller code but that wont work in this case. Do I use the Swift code for Westpac? The bank fits al criteria to work for shopify payments.

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Shopify Staff
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Hi @Duplicitee,

Ted here from Shopify, thanks for posting your query! 

Are you hoping to add a credit card to Shopify for a subscription or if you're hoping to add a bank account to your Shopify Payments account? 

To add a payment method to your account for a subscription, you can do so by clicking Settings > Billing > Payment methods > Add payment method. From there, you should be able to add either your credit card or Paypal account for your next Shopify invoice and subscription plan. 

For Shopify Payments, it's not possible to add a credit card to an account. As you have mentioned a BSB number I believe you're located in Australia, would that be correct? If so, you would need to add a bank account number that is from a physical bank in Australia. Westpac and Commonwealth Bank for example are physically located in Australia and would work fine as opposed to an online bank such as Revolut (online bank accounts can not be accepted).

After that, you would just need to make sure the account is a checking/current account that can accept AUD and BECS transfers. A 6 digit Bank State Branch (BSB) number and a 5-9 digit bank account number can only be accepted as shown here for example. More information can be found in this guide too if you would like to take a look. 

If you have met the above criteria and you're still unable to connect with Shopify Payments, I would recommend reaching back out to your bank for more information as they should be able to provide a 6 digit BSB number for a bank account. 

Please let me know how this goes! 

Many thanks, 

Ted | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hi @Ted,

I have a branc code issue for a US account. My branch code is correct but shopify wont take it.

Can you help?


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Shopify Staff
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Hi there @Justincaserange!


I'm just here helping my colleague Ted out with some replies today. 


I'd like to share some info with you here on a few things you do to troubleshoot entering this number for your part and gather some more info from you if possible too!


Whenever issues occur with entering info using online forms like this, it's a good idea to ensure you're using a supported, updated browser, and that you have cleared the cache on that browser.


If possible, try using another browser, device, or internet connection to proceed so we can try to narrow down where this might be coming from.


In terms of the bank account and number being entered, there are some requirements on the type of bank account that can be accepted.


For the use of Shopify Payments in the USA, you would need a checking / current account in USD
eligible for ACH transfers.


Account number lengths for US merchants must contain a minimum of 6 digits. Attempts to enter account numbers with fewer digits than this will return an error.


Could you let me know if you're still unable to enter your branch code after running the browser checks above and if so, what exactly happens, what do you see on the screen when trying to enter this info?


Is this part of your initial setup of Shopify Payments, or are you updating the banking info used for your store?

Don | Social Care @ Shopify 
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I'm creating Hyperwallet account for Partners Program.

I'm in Australia. In Bank Account information part there are fields "BSB Bank Number", "BSB Branch Number" and "Account Number".

I usually have Bank Name, BSB Number and Account Number.

I have problem of 2 fields "BSB Bank Number", "BSB Branch Number".

I try to put my BSB number (6 digits) into them and always got "is invalid length or format".

Please help.

Screen Shot 2023-08-10 at 8.45.10 am.png