Beginners Question about Payments vs Payouts, and which payment method is best for me.

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Hello! I am a beginner/newbie at everything regarding online selling and Shopify. I am so happy that my first attempt to set up an online store is through you guys, since I really feel it's the right choice, and I'm only two days in.

I have a newbie question about Payments by customer and Payouts to me, the seller.

I am from an Asian country, and my bank account is in my Asian country. I currently live somewhere in Africa, and have no bank accounts here. I am also set to move out of here in a few months. I am selling products that I can locally print on demand, and ship locally. But I also wish to sell and fulfill orders globally via a POD supplier that I can link to my Shopify account in the future. Depending on the delivery address of the customer, I will fulfill the order myself (local), or go through my POD supplier (international).


How do I determine or what is the best payment method for someone like me? (Other options aside from Paypal please, as I am not allowed to set up a Paypal account being physically located in this country.)


My other question is - are payment providers/payment methods the same as the PAYOUT method? If I choose Payoneer as payment method for example, will I also by default get payouts from Payoneer? Personally, I want to be able to get paid straight to my Asian bank account. Is it possible to have my clients pay directly to my bank account in Asia, (and is this possible for all clients - whether they are in my current country of residence or internationally?) This is a very newbie question; I apologize and thank you so much for helping me. I really have no idea how all this work. I hope my question makes sense.

Thank you and have a great day!

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