Best App for Local Delivery

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Hi all, 


Our company basically delivers everyday college necessities including drinks, snacks, ice cream, and more to students and individuals at our local college in 10 minutes or less. We are able to achieve this delivery time by centralizing our stock warehouse in the middle of our delivery zone which is roughly two miles in diameter. My question is about a Shopify app for fulfillment and delivering orders. As of now, we have an employee located in our delivery warehouse at all times who packs an order once it comes in, then sends the order link to a driver via the current app we utilize which will map out the order and allow the driver to send the customer order updates (delivery and out for delivery) from their own phone. What'd we like to change is the necessity of having an employee located in the warehouse at all times. We would rather that employee be delivering orders as well in order to minimize our delivery times. The issue with this is that our current app requires a person to send drivers the delivery links. We are looking for an app which could allow multiple drivers to see orders on their own phones, allow them to "claim" an order and then fulfill it themselves. Does anyone know of an app with this capability?

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