Best inventory management software to integrate with Shopify?

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Hi there


  • I have multiple locations/inventories/warehouses in multiple countries where I store my products.
  • Furthermore I have multiple Shopify shops, POS and other distribution channels.


  • I need a powerful inventory management system that allows me to centrally manage my multiple inventories/warehouses out of one tool and which allows me to connect my multiple warehouses with multiple Shopify shops. The inventory management system should fully understand Shopify's multi location concept, allow for warehouse transfers, allow for multiple Shopify shops, etc.
  • Which is the best inventory management system I should choose here? Any suggestions/experiences? I guess this is a pretty strategic choice for my business 😉



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Hi Felix,

Shopify allows you to manage your inventory in multiple warehouses.

If you are using Shopify POS than Ideally you can use Shopify as your centralized inventory management ,also please elaborate what other channels you are using.
The things that you need to consider are :

What is the frequency that you need your inventory to sync ?

What channels you need to sync ?

Dashboard - you need to view all of your inventory cross channels in one centralized dashboard.

Hopes that help,


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There is no correct answer or this question, you have to first recognize your requirements and then assess whether this tool suits all your needs or not. One tool that we can recommend is eVanik one world suite it offers services like order processing, inventory management, accounting, and several other functions that can help you in running your business smoothly.