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Billing Address required for Cash on Delivery

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Hi, my client has asked me to remove the billing address fields for cash on delivery payments, as they feel a number of their customers may not want to give this information, and that it may be turning away orders. I have to say I'm inclined to agree with them, especially with respect to GDPR, as it means we're forced to store customer data that to my knowledge we really shouldn't need. However, according to the following two threads, this isn't possible:

I've been playing around with building them a custom checkout flow for CoD payments to circumvent this, but it's a fair bit of work and I'm considering taking them off of Shopify and moving them onto WooCommerce. Can someone please clarify the comments regarding PCI compliance and it being necessary to store these details for fraud prevention in the threads given above? If someone can give me a reason why we should be storing customer billing addresses for CoD orders then I'd certainly be happy to take that to the client and explain why we have to keep things as they are. Furthermore, if this information isn't strictly necessary, I was wondering if there were any plans to change the checkout flow in future so that Cash on Delivery/Manual Payments orders don't require a billing address?


Thanks in advance.

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it seems like they have no answer !

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I just realized that I have the same problem.



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Same struggle here.. Cash on Delivery and Store pick up should not ask for the Billing address. It pushes the customers away.

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This is making me rethink if I want to continue using Shopify.

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Hello S


Hopefully this helps!

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How does PCI compliance apply to a COD order?  PCI is a payment cards security standard, exactly not  "CASH On Delivery."


Why can't this be changed?  It's abusive to a customer to require them to enter their billing address, real or fake, for a cash transaction.

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I agree, absolutely ridiculous.  We are a restaurant and most of our customers who order online want to dine in or pick up, paying in cash.  Having to enter billing details at checkout just puts them off ordering online, so we just lose customers.