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Billing/shipping info lost in draft orders?

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Hi everyone!

   We're creating orders through API and encountered strange issue. Our logic is like this:

  1. create customer 
  2. add customer address
  3. create draft order for that customer setting "use_customer_default_address" to true
  4. send invoice to that customer

The problem is that when customer clicks on "Complete Purchase" link in the invoice, the billing and shipping addresses seem to be missing and have to be re-entered. 

Creating draft order with billing and shipping addresses also does not work - these fields stay empty in the invoice. 

How do we track the source of that issue? When support agent is creating order in our backend, everything seems to work for him - but not for me (in the backend) or for API order creation.


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I am having the same issue.

Did you find any solution? 


Thank you