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Blocked payments

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I’ve been receiving and fulfilling orders but my account has been blocked for a month now, and I haven’t been receiving my payments through Shopify. I was told to upload my documents which I have numerous times, but the prompt is still there requesting the documents again.


i don’t know what to do as I require the payments to help with cash flow.

hope someone can help.


thank you.

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Did you resolve this issue? I have just had the same thing happen to me. My payments are blocked apparently due to some 'standard review', but when I try to contact shopify support about it, it just keeps going round in circles, getting me to log into my store and then go to the support page but I can never get past that to actually contact shopify about it. I've only had to submit the documents once so far, but I want to know how long this is going to take before I get the payments! Please let me know whether you managed to sort this and how long it took?