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Braintree 3D Secure

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Is there any way of working with Braintree (our payments gateway) for 3D Secure, in addition to payment processing, as they provide this service? We are very happy with their services and hands-on support. 

We are in the process of migrating our shop to Shopify and we would like to continue working with Braintree. 

Is using Braintree for 3DS something that is possible now or at least on the roadmap?

We’ve started the onboarding process with Cardinal, as per the Shopify instructions, but this seems to be dragging and Cardinal are very slow to respond.

Thank you for your time and help!





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I've raised this topic with Shopify support several times.

This issue is not yet resolved for me. Braintree told me there's a new API that Shopify needs to integrate with, and Shopify are saying it's in some backlog. It seems like they want us to pay for andditional 25$

It's clear that non US/Canada stores are not given the priority as the rest, the least they can do is waive off the 25$ fee for cardinal, but integrating with a new api call would be the best solution and the quickest for everyone.